Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5 Ways A Cheating Spouse Fails To Cover Their Tracks

While affairs thrive on secrecy, a cheating spouse commonly gets complacent about the affair and fails to cover their tracks after the initial period.

While in the beginning of cheating on their spouse, he or she will exercise a lot of caution in the way they behave and pay a lot of attention to hiding each and every clue, with time the efforts to conceal the affair become reduced.

This happens partly because it takes a lot of effort to keep every little detail under wraps, and partly because with each passing day the cheating spouse gets more and more comfortable with the double life and feels they do not need to worry about you finding out.

The following are five ways some one having an affair fails to cover their tracks, and how it works to your advantage in helping to unravel the truth.

A new cell phone - In our modern times it is virtually impossible to ignore the importance of phones as a link between a cheating spouse and his or her new lover. Sometimes, in order to avoid any trouble or overlap the unfaithful spouse will purchase a new phone to communicate with the other person, of course all the while giving some flimsy excuse that they bought it for some work or business reasons.

Man...you smell like a woman - While your husband is caught up in hugging another woman, there is very little chance he will realize that his lovers perfume is sticking to himself and his clothes. Have a whiff of his clothes when he comes home and changes his clothes. Of course do so discretely unbeknownst to him.

Cat get your back? - While your man is engaged in passionate lovemaking, sometimes his lover may leave scratches on his back. He will neither be aware of this, nor be able to see any marks she may left on him. There is virtually no way he can make up an excuse which is plausible to explain those marks, unless he spend the day wrestling with the neighbors cat!

Credit card bills and cash withdrawals - The paper trail in an affair is probably one of the most easy to find an incriminating bit of proof you can find. Look for unexplained charges on the credit card and make a note of it. The same goes for any unusual cash withdrawal slips for out of the ordinary amounts. A further hidden clue in any ATM slips is to make a note of the location for the withdrawal. Is it a place where your spouse would normally be during the course of his day?

The clues in receipts - With a new lover in hand, a cheating spouse will usually end up spending generously on their lover. Whether it be jewelry, dinners, flowers...or hotel rooms. Look for any unusual receipts you can find by rummaging through his wallet, when you can do so in privacy.

When looking for the above clues, make sure you take every precaution to look for them discretely, and do not engage in any confrontation before you've gathered a multitude of proof.

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